Complete half marathon – tick!

Question:  What do you get at the Miura International half-marathon as your special gift?

There could be a number of answers to this question.  A bad case of chafe.  Blisters.  Very sore legs.  All of these are possibilities but are in the end, wrong.

The answer is an enormous radish.

Me, Simon and an enormous radish - otherwise known as daikon.

Me, Simon and an enormous radish – otherwise known as daikon.

Thanks to @LorimerSimon for being a great running mentor, race organiser and supporter on the day.  Also thanks to everyone who ran with me, gave advice, cheered me on etc.  You know who you are.

And finally, thanks to Elaine who called me on the telephone to congratulate me on the race, 500 m before I had reached the finish line.  Your timing as always was impeccable but somehow those last few metres were much easier after having talked to you!

12 Hours to Go!

Tomorrow morning is race day.

I had a semi-successful test on Thursday of my Runkeeper Live.  In order to view the real time race map, you need to have a Runkeeper account yourself.  This is free and you can sign up at

If you don’t want to do that though, you can still see my race except you will have to refresh the page to see my little blue dot move!  My Runkeeper page can be found here.

A link is supposed to appear on my Facebook page when I start the race, but this didn’t work during my test run on Thursday.  Instead a link appeared after I’d finished and declared that I had run a paltry 0.48 km instead of the 8 km that I had actually run!  So I think the safest thing to do if you wish to check on my progress is just go straight to my Runkeeper page itself.

The race begins at 9:37 am JST.  This is 8:37 am Perth time.  As for anywhere else, I’ll let you work it out yourselves!

You will have plenty of time to check in as I suspect it will take me at least two and a half hours to complete!  My goal is just to finish the bugger.

This evening I have spent the day sticking to my normal routine.  I had gnocchi for dinner which I also intend to have for breakfast in the morning and one glass of red wine.  I made sure I was at the end of the bottle yesterday so that I wouldn’t be tempted to have a second glass tonight!  It is all about preparation!