About Me


Trademark of the solo traveler – the extended forearm

I used to enjoy sitting down to write a story about my travels or something peculiar that happened to me and I would then send it off to a bunch of people on my contacts list by email.  I’ve been doing this since I first started travelling in my mid-twenties.

Unfortunately, I never thought to keep a copy of any of them.  I really regret that as now I think that they would have made an interesting collection.

Then I have discovered this amazing tool called the blog!  I had to learn how to do it for my job in Japan.  And now that I have, this seems a much better way of keeping my favourite people up-to-date with my latest disasters and humiliations.  And the added plus – it will live forever!

I hope you enjoy reading them!

3 comments on “About Me

    • Hey there Cat! I’m so excited! You’re my first visitor! Can I use anymore exclamation marks! Yes!

      Your trip looks fantastic. Hope you’re enjoying it.

      • I’m very pleased to be your first visitor. Will let Ed read your posts in a minute. We are enjoying our trip although having three boys around 24/7 is HARD work. No Merilyn mounds on our trip but lots of Patrick P signs!

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