13 Days to Go

I’m bored of my playlist for running.  I’ve been listening to basically the same 1000 songs for the last 14 weeks of my training plan.  Now it is time to get some new tunes to inspire me to the end.

So I’m looking for good running songs and I want your best picks.  They need to be uptempo and I like it when they have some loose connection to running to help inspire me.  That connection can be very vague.  Here are a couple of songs I like to run to already so you can get an idea of what I’m looking for.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine 
Great lyrics to run to – “Run fast for your mother or fast for your father.  Run for your children or your sisters or your brother. etc”

Breathe by The Prodigy
Reminds me of something I need to do whilst running!

Here it Goes Again by OK Go
Entire video is shot on a series of treadmills.

So I think you get the idea.  Now I want your suggestions for your favourite running songs.  You can enter them on the google doc underneath by clicking on this link.


Thanks for your help!  🙂


4 comments on “13 Days to Go

    • Not for close to 3 hours – I need some distractions. In the end I’m sure I will be going without headphones because I doubt I can run fast enough to make the finish line before my phone battery runs out!

  1. I posted my faves for running…. Mind you, they’re not necessarily all songs I’d listen to just any time, but for running, they get me going fast when I’m all out of steam. 😉

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