The Fat Cat is Back

fat cat

Fat and Furry!

It is summer and it is time to check on my health and start to improve my lifestyle a bit!  This means getting back into the running habit and trying to eat a bit more healthily.  I’ve just returned from Ghana and I knew there would be no point in starting whilst I was there as it is too hot to run and I knew I would be eating a lot of goat and drinking even more pito on all my social visits!

So I decided to start when I got back yesterday.  The first day of any new eating plan, involves eating all the stuff that you shouldn’t be eating so it is no longer in your house!  On top of that, I was recovering from a cold and everyone knows it is best to feed a cold and starve a fever.  I didn’t have a fever.

The upshot of all this is that I’ve started today.  So I am tracking food on MyFitnessPal which combines nicely with my RunKeeper to track my exercise.  I’ve signed up to follow a running program designed to burn fat.  It involves interval running which will be good for my training anyway.  I’m going to continue with workout videos on off days and I might even see if I can’t find a running club in Yokohama that I can join.  And, to keep me motivated, I’m going to blog about my progress which really helped me keep on track when training for the half marathon.

So, here goes nothing…

Image credit: cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Yukari

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