Eating the Evidence

I’m not losing weight because I eat too much.  Let me share with you an example of this.  Here is what happened today!

The day started out well with a breakfast of steamed spinach, a whole wheat english muffin and 2 poached eggs.  I probably should have had only one poached egg but I figured that this should see me through to lunch.  I had prepared some dahl and a small naan bread to take to school which I put in the fridge of the staff room.

It is now about 8:30am.  This is where my good behaviour finished and my diet blowout for the day began.

It looked nice in the picture!

It looked nice in the picture!

I had made a lemon sour cream cake for a colleague’s birthday which I put in the staff room.  A bunch of other people had brought snacks too (most of them chocolate themed) and they were all laid out on the staff room table.  At 9:10am I went down to the staff room to do some marking.  I moved all the treats and the cake and spread them out on the various other small tables around the room as I wanted to use the big table to work at.

As I was distributing the treats, I sampled each one.  Other people dropped by the staff room and all of them asked about the treats.  Each time they tried one, I got them to throw me a sample too.  By 10:30am I was feeling a bit sick.

At 10:40am it was recess time and my colleague with the birthday arrived for her cake.  I cut a slice and decided immediately that it wasn’t my best effort.  It really needed another five to ten minutes in the oven but the top had begun to catch so I had removed it prematurely.  The result was a stodgier than perfect cake.  I had a second piece to confirm my original observations.

Lots of people tried the cake and some said it was nice and some told the truth.  Recess finished and there was still a lot of cake left.  I didn’t like it sitting there for everyone to see my imperfect cake.  The only way to solve the problem was to consume the evidence.  So I ate a lot more cake.

By half-way through lunch, I had finished the entire thing.  I felt happier that the evidence of my botched baking effort was gone, but I also felt quite a bit sicker.

I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day until dinner.  Normally on Tuesday, I stop at a little Indonesian place for tea on my way home from the gym, but this week, I realised my purse was empty so I just cycled on home.  I made myself some porridge with soy milk and steel cut oats and cut up two fresh figs on top.  That was tasty.  I then washed that down with a free, one-serving-bottle of sparkling plum sake I had picked up from a school function on the weekend.

No point inputting such terrible numbers into MyFitnessPal (my calorie counter app).  It might explode!  Instead, I have decided the same thing I decided every day for the last month.  I’ll start my diet tomorrow!

Image Credit:  cc licensed by Merilyn Winslade

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