A Weekend Away Whilst Away

Day three – Still London

Elaine and I made some goals for the holidays for our weight loss program. She’s been doing really well and is hoping to lose a few more pounds while she’s away. My goal was to not gain, exercise every day and track my food in MyFitnessPal.

Day three and I’ve already lost the will to track all my meals. The food is too good at Kim and Vicky’s and Friday’s dinner of lamb, roast veggies and salad washed down with a sparkling red was two helpings worth of delicious.  

Day four – Milton Keynes

I caught up with Simone, Chris and Ella and Simone’s parents for some sober karaoke. That’s right people, we were all stone cold sober. Now that I know how I sound, I won’t be attempting sober karaoke again. For full enjoyment, myself and the audience need to be a little bit numb.


Milton KeynesMilton Keynes



Day five – Back to London

Before heading back to London, we visited the fascinating Bletchley Park.  Conversation moved to reminiscing about our time in New Zealand where Simone and I lived in a shared house in Wellington.  Somehow we got talking about New Zealand accents and I mentioned this ‘advert’ from New Zealand.

Apparently we were talking too loud because one of the workers came up to us and said he knew exactly what we were talking about!

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