Home James!

Day twenty-nine – Yokohama

Today I learnt this little gem.  Don’t pack 3 kg of self-raising flour in your hand luggage when travelling through Heathrow Airport.  I was held up in security for almost an hour.

There are no photos for this post.  You can use your imagination instead …


5 comments on “Home James!

  1. Oh no Merilyn, I also know the pain of trying to transport food like that in hand luggage. Can you buy plain flour in Japan? If so, it might be easier to travel with relatively smaller containers of baking powder or bicarbonate soda and cream of tartar… Or I can post some to you? I hope the rest of your holidays is as entertaining as these last 4 weeks have been.

    • I could make it myself but I find the recipe never works out as well for me then. Anyway, I have it now.

      Two more weeks of hols left but they should be a lot less eventful. However, you never know!

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