Getting Faster Despite Stitches and Insects

Two weeks ago, I went out to brunch, ate enough food to choke a small horse and then came home and ran my fastest 5 km ever!  This was despite having a murderous stitch for half of the run.  Yesterday, I had a better preparation before my run and despite inhaling a swarm of midgies with 2 km to go, I managed to run my fastest average pace yet again!

Imagine how fast I would be without eating a community of insects during the run!

Imagine how fast I would be without eating a community of insects during the run!

Marathon Preparation Update

I have signed up for a half marathon at the end of August which takes place up around Mt Fuji.  I’ve selected a 16 week training plan from the RunKeeper that will commence in early May.  Once I’ve completed this race, I will start a training plan for the full marathon in preparation for 2017!

The half marathon I’ve signed up for is going to be hot and hilly so I’m just aiming to finish and not really worried about the time.  Luckily I will be able to practice some hills around mum’s place when I’m home in July!


11 comments on “Getting Faster Despite Stitches and Insects

  1. I’m dealing with midges here as well, though in Canada we call them gnats!! Always horrible this time of year, but I figure if I swallow any by mistake it counts for protein intake.

    • It is! That time of year will be a challenge though because it will be hot but we are hoping the elevation will mean it will be cool enough to be manageable.

    • Oh wow! How did you run into June? She lives down Mandurah way now. Anyway, my training plan for the half marathon begins next on the 10th May. I have 10 days left of not killing myself! 🙂

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