Last Days in London

Day twenty-six – London

Today I travelled back to London and the hospitality of Karen and Kieren.  We attempted to watch Dumb and Dumber 2 but failed to see it through to the end because it was truly that bad.  The Thai takeaway food though was great and so was the company!

Day twenty-seven – Second last day in London

I love the Facebook.  Through the FB, my cousin that I hadn’t seen for years found out that I was in London, contacted me and today we had a really wonderful time catching up and looking at art at the Wallace Collection.


Lunch and chat at the Wallace Collection


Demonstrating the selfie-stick!







Day twenty-eight – Last full day in London

Today I did my final shop (toothpaste, underarm deodorant and self-raising flour plus a couple of impulse buys I couldn’t resist) and met Heather for lunch at the Bear and Staff in Leicester Square.  I then dragged her along to the National Gallery for a free tour.

There was a big crowd for the tour so I told Heather we may need to use our elbows because it was important to stay at the front of the group.  A crotchety old lady carrying her own chair, complained to the guide about me but he seemed to realise I was just joking.


Heather and I soaking up the culture!

After the tour, I sped down to New Eltham for my final go on Disney Infinity.  That is a really fun game and I like playing it with vastly younger than me people!  I had my final dinner and a movie with Kim and Vicky before getting back to London Bridge for my last night’s sleep in the UK.

Finally a big THANK YOU to all the people who kindly put me up over the last month.  You are welcome any time to Yokohama!  They were:

Kim, Vicky and Zac
Simone, Chris and Ella
Mako and Kiyo
Karen and Kieren

Meeting My Masters Mates

Day two – London

Dev Ed meeting!

Santi, Heather and me discussing the issues!

Yesterday I met with two people from my masters course that I have known for about six months but who have only ever seen me from the waist up and in my pyjamas with my early morning snottiness on the go.  Thanks to London’s heatwave cooling off momentarily, they’ve now seen me in jeans without my face being partially obscured with tissues.

At the Rockingham Arms in Elephant and Castle, it’s student friendly prices and the house wine comes out of a tap in three sizes of small, medium and large.  They only had to ask my preference once.  Thanks Santi and Heather for a terrific evening!

Image Credits
Dev Ed Meeting shared on Flickr by Merilyn Winslade (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)