116 Days to Go

New Land Speed Record Set in Yokohama

A new land speed record has been set today at 6:30am JST in the sleepy, seaside village of Yokohama in Japan.  The 30 minute/5 km barrier has finally been smashed by Merilyn Winslade driving the new model MLW-2013.  Over the 5.26 km course,  an average pace of 5 minutes and 33 seconds per kilometer was achieved.  A blistering pace of 5 minutes and 21 seconds for the fourth kilometer was recorded however this was on a slight downhill slope which may render the record invalid.  The total time for the course was 29 minutes and 13 seconds.  No previous models of the MLW have been able to achieve these lightening-like speeds with the previous best attempt being more than 32 minutes for 5 km.

The owner and designer of the new model MLW claims that a 7kg lighter frame combined with a stronger body and more flexible joints, all key features in the new design, were instrumental in today’s record breaking achievement.  A last minute polishing of the exterior from the nose down during yesterday’s public holiday, also helped to improve the aerodynamic capabilities of the vehicle and lead to a decrease in air resistance with a new smooth skin exterior.

The next test for the new MLW is in a couple of weeks when its ability to sustain these speeds over a 10 km track will be attempted.  This race will be broadcast live via RunKeeper.com and details of the schedule will be published on this site in the lead up to the November 30th attempt.

View from the “ArmBand Cam” on the MLW during today’s record breaking attempt.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Éole Wind

128 Days to Go

After doing the Jillian Michael’s thing on Wednesday, I secretly thought that it wasn’t as tough as I had expected.  Sure, I had to do the push-ups the girls way and I wasn’t lunging at the speed of JM and her models, but I got through it and felt ok.

Yesterday when I got up in the morning, my legs were a bit stiff as was expected but that’s all.  I didn’t realise how sore I really was until I got off the couch at lunchtime and attempted to get dressed.  It took me 7 minutes to put my bra on.

It wasn’t a great day all round yesterday.  My SmartCoach had me down for a 8 km run that included a warm-up and a cool-down but the 5 km in the middle needed to be at a pace of 6:35.  I thought that would be fairly manageable for me and so it would have been if I knew the difference between pace and speed.  (Pace = minutes per km, speed = km per hour.)

I have my RunKeeper app telling me my current pace every 2 minutes.  During the warm-up, my pace is about 6:10 and because I’m a dummy, I thought I should speed up for the middle 5 km.  I do.  My pace goes down to 5:45.  I thought that the app must not be very accurate because I was definitely going faster.  I start running faster still until the next pace check where I’m at 4:55 and about to die.  I thought I could never sustain this pace for another 3+ km so I had to slow down.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.33.26 AM

Then of course I notice that the pace check goes up and it dawns on me that pace and speed are two entirely different things and I’ve been going too fast the entire run.  I end up finishing the run with an average pace of 6:10 for the whole 8 kms which was much faster than I was supposed to run.

Last night I went to the Tokyo International Film Festival.  There are a lot of stairs in the Tokyo underground.  I took them like I was 80 years old with two fake hips and one leg shorter than the other.

Today SmartCoach has me down for a 3km run at an easy pace.  I think I’m also going to give JM another go today too, if for no other reason than to try and shift the lactic acid build up in my thighs and shoulders.  But right now, I’m sticking to the couch.