108 Days to Go

As you know, I’ve been having some trouble with my calves becoming very tight during my runs.  After doing some research, I discovered that stretching regularly is key to solving this problem.  As such, I decided tonight, to start doing yoga every day to help with that.

I’ve never done yoga before.

I google searched (the font of all knowledge) “yoga for runners”.

I found a bunch of yoga videos for free on YouTube.

I got 2 minutes into my first choice before I stopped.  It only had static pictures.  I had no idea how to get from one pose to another.

I got 5 minutes into my second choice before I stopped.

Yoga, as it turns out, is not just stretching but also balance.  It turns out that attempting your first session of yoga after 3 (albeit small) glasses of red wine and two (again small) bottles of sake, is not easy.  In fact, it is down right dangerous!  Instead, I’m off to do a much easier task like planning a lesson on the hybridisation of carbon.  At least for that I can sit down!

PS  Why do all commentators on yoga videos sound like they’re stoned?  Surely that wouldn’t help with your balance either!

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