97 Days to Go

What a week!

YIS Cross Country

Last year I ran with some students in the school’s cross country event and it nearly killed me.  This year, after all the training I have done, I was expecting a much easier run.  I was wrong.

I have been training exclusively along the waterfront which is of course flat.  The cross country course has small but significant hills and the first one is right at the beginning.  It killed me.

Zombies, Run!

This is my new favourite app for running!  It really distracts you from the boredom of running a bit and it syncs beautifully with my RunKeeper so I still get all my running stats!

So far, none of the zombies have caught me!

8 comments on “97 Days to Go

  1. I love the zombie app. Hills and Zombies are both killers!
    If you haven’t seen it watch ‘Zombieland’ Rules 1, 3 18,20 and 28 definatly apply

  2. There were no zombies actually featured on the launch trailer 😦 Obviously it’s good they haven’t caught you but it doesn’t show if they are slow zombies like in Shaun of the Dead or fast zombies like in 28 Days Later. Even I could outrun Shaun of the Dead Zombies.

    • Well good questions! They are supposed to be slow but the ones that followed me out of the “hospital” during my run this morning, were fast! Luckily I can tell if I’m out running them because it tells me in my earphones how many metres behind me they are! So much fun!

  3. One thing I have discovered about these things is that they don’t get easier, but you get faster and better at them. You never back off and do it slowly!

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