89 Days to Go

On Saturday I completed my first ever 10km run under 60 minutes!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.58.59 PM

It was a beautiful day in Tokyo and a HUGE thank you needs to go out to my running partners Kim, Elaine and Sangeeta.  Also, I must thank the support team of Alex and Fred who came along to cheer us on.

My attempt at broadcasting the race live was a total failure due to the fact that I didn’t read the instructions.  I was supposed to enable the broadcast via the app on my phone which I never did so the link I put on my previous post, got people nowhere.  Oh well, that’s life!  I will try it again on Sunday for my long run with Kim and hopefully this time it will work.  I intend to read the instructions this time.  The link should automatically appear on my Facebook page.  However, unless you have a RunKeeper account (and if you are a runner and don’t – seriously, what are you waiting for) it won’t update in real time.  Instead you will have to refresh the page to see my progress.  At least that is what it says in this video…


My next race will be the half marathon in March.  Only 89 days to go!  At least I know I can get halfway there…almost that is!

Me, Sangeeta, Kim and Elaine at Tokyo Run for the Cure – and we did!

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Merilyn Winslade

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