49 Days to Go – Crunch Time!

Here’s what’s happened since my last post, last year!

Runkeeper Away

I was really worried that my Runkeeper tracking app wouldn’t work properly overseas and at first, it didn’t.  So I didn’t track all my runs whilst in Europe over Christmas.  But after a couple of outings, I worked out that it does work if you manually set the country you are in.  The GPS can’t seem to work that out for itself which is odd since I thought that was the point of the GPS.

Training on Holiday

It’s not easy to keep to a training schedule when planes and trains are involved and you have travelled to an area of the world with only six hours decent light a day.  In the end though, I only missed three runs and shortened one long run down to 10 km.

I got horribly lost on a long run in The Hague at night.  I hadn’t sorted out the GPS problem properly at that stage either so that run turned out to take much longer than it was supposed to, mainly because I had to keep ducking into kebab shops to ask for directions.

Getting Caught Short in Berkel

I had only run a kilometre before I began to feel a bit “uncomfortable”.  Expecting this feeling to subside, I kept running.  After another kilometre, I began scanning the surroundings for useful facilities.  It wasn’t much longer before I started to include large trees and hedges in my search, anything really, that would afford me a bit of cover.  Unfortunately, the part of The Netherlands I was in, was devoid of any of these.

In the end, I was forced in desperation to cut my run short and head home.  I made it with seconds to spare.

Breaking Personal Records

This is the run I did today!  I’ve never run this far before in my life.  And it didn’t kill me!


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