Avoiding The Runs


I doubt my experience tomorrow will be any more dignified than this!

I’m following a training schedule on Runkeeper as I find that if I leave it up to myself, I’ll just do the least amount of effort possible.  This usually means a 20 minute run only every second day.  Today was supposed to be a rest day and I was supposed to do my interval run tomorrow, but I’ll be at the hospital all day tomorrow having my ‘anal probe’ as my sister calls it so I knew I had to do it today.

It is hot and humid in Yokers at the moment, so I’ve been doing my runs in the evening.  The optimal time seems to be 7pm.  I couldn’t do that today though, as I have to take the medicine to prepare me for tomorrow’s colonoscopy at precisely 7pm.  I didn’t fancy getting caught short half way around Yamashita Park, although it may have helped spur me on during the fast intervals!

Instead I got up at 5:15 am only to find that the temperature was already 27°C and sunny!  I completed the run despite feeling a bit sick halfway through the run.  I’ll be sticking to after 7pm for my future runs!

Image Credit: cc licensed ( BY-SA 2.0 ) flickr photo shared by Rollan Budi

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