Terrible Timing and a New Toy

Tonight’s run was gruesome.  I’m starting interval training and I was excited too because it was my first run with my new toy – a heart rate monitor that syncs perfectly with my Runkeeper.  The run consisted of a five minute slow warm-up, followed by ten minutes fast, five minutes slow (walking pace) and then ten minutes fast again.


Yamashita Park – a great place to run and an even greater place to sit!

The first fast interval nearly killed me.  I figured that ten minutes would take me around Yamashita Park about one and a half times.  My new heart rate monitor was telling me through my headphones that my heart rate was in the 80-90% zone which I looked up when I got home, and this turns out to be spot on for a fast interval.

Needless to say, I couldn’t talk.  Then my phone rings.  I pick up with a quick squeeze of the control on my headphones and I attempt to say something.

“I’m running.  Can’t talk.”

I hung up.  The phone rings again.

“Seriously!  I’m running.  Later!”

The five minutes of walking in between the two fast intervals was glorious.  It seemed to last forever and I had a beautiful view of Yokohama to enjoy.

The second interval was worse than the first although at least I didn’t get interrupted by phone calls.  I still managed to hold my heart rate up in the 80-90% zone for the whole ten minutes which wasn’t easy for me.  And at the end of the interval, I felt a bit nauseous for a few minutes and I was worried I might lose my lunch, especially since I’d spent a lot of time and effort making that homemade pesto from my home grown basil!

My favourite part of tonight’s run though, as always, was sitting on the bench at the park afterwards with my Procari Sweat.  Once I had rested enough to be able to talk again, I called mum back.

Image credit: cc licensed (BY NC SA) Flickr photo shared by Vincent Van den Storme

Avoiding The Runs


I doubt my experience tomorrow will be any more dignified than this!

I’m following a training schedule on Runkeeper as I find that if I leave it up to myself, I’ll just do the least amount of effort possible.  This usually means a 20 minute run only every second day.  Today was supposed to be a rest day and I was supposed to do my interval run tomorrow, but I’ll be at the hospital all day tomorrow having my ‘anal probe’ as my sister calls it so I knew I had to do it today.

It is hot and humid in Yokers at the moment, so I’ve been doing my runs in the evening.  The optimal time seems to be 7pm.  I couldn’t do that today though, as I have to take the medicine to prepare me for tomorrow’s colonoscopy at precisely 7pm.  I didn’t fancy getting caught short half way around Yamashita Park, although it may have helped spur me on during the fast intervals!

Instead I got up at 5:15 am only to find that the temperature was already 27°C and sunny!  I completed the run despite feeling a bit sick halfway through the run.  I’ll be sticking to after 7pm for my future runs!

Image Credit: cc licensed ( BY-SA 2.0 ) flickr photo shared by Rollan Budi