Fartlek Fatalities

Last night I was running a fartlek (just typing the word makes me giggle) run.  I was running as fast as I could to the end of the block.  Coming towards me on the path, were a group of young people, plugged in with their noses in their phones.  I realised they weren’t going to see me so I started yelling and clapping my hands as I raced toward them.

They didn’t look up.  I yelled louder.  I was going to reach them in seconds.  It was at this moment I knew I had two choices.  I could either slow down and ruin my interval or I could just run straight through them.  I chose to complete the interval.

I don’t think anyone got hurt, but to be honest, I didn’t look back to check.

2 comments on “Fartlek Fatalities

  1. And here I thought it was another poo story! I can well imagine you in this scenario. Out of curiosity, did you yell in English or Japanese? I was being yelled at once in Mali but I didn’t understand so assumed (wrongly) that it wasn’t about or at me. Then I slipped off an unstable embankment which I would have realised had I understood the language and therefore could have avoided everybody laughing at the silly white girl.

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