Two Timing My Training

I’ve signed up for two training plans on my RunKeeper.  One is running for fat loss and the other is training to run a 10km race in under 55 minutes.  The first plan started immediately and the second didn’t start until last week and even then I skipped the initial runs as they were the same or easier than the first plan.  My thinking was that I could just skip the runs that doubled up for the couple of weeks that the plans overlapped.

Running horse

If only I had 4 legs, then I could do two runs at once!

But now, I’ve reached the point that I’m in the middle of both plans.  There is a lot of intervals or tempo runs that I don’t want to skip but I also want to space them with longer, easier runs too.  Finding the time to fit them all in is becoming tricky but I don’t want to stop using one of the plans because then I’d feel a bit like a non-finisher.  I’m supposed to take a rest day in between some of the runs but often now, I have two runs scheduled for the same day so I do the second one on the rest day.  This isn’t working well for me.

Yesterday I went for an easy 5 km with a few 20 second intervals at the end and it nearly killed me.  I think I’ve got shin splints.  So despite there being two runs scheduled for today, I’m taking the day off!

Image Credit:  cc licensed ( BY-SA 2.0 ) flickr photo shared by Photophilde

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