Wardrobe Malfuntions

I’ve got a new plan.  I decided that in the end, doing two running training plans simultaneously was not sustainable.  Who knew?  So now I’m just following the 10 km in under 55 minutes plan.  As a bonus, I now have more time for alternative exercises, so after putting on weight again last week because of an increase in my number of social outings, I decided I should try some strength training to compliment my running.

To this end and after much cajoling from @mscofino among others, I have joined Gold’s Gym for a trial week.  On Thursday I went for my first workout.  One of the trainers showed me around a few of the machines and helped me out.  This all went well.  Afterwards, I decided it would be nice to do some swimming, so I went to the pool which is in an entirely different building down the street.

I wasn’t well prepared and so I had to ask at the front desk to hire a towel, goggles and a swimming cap as it is against the rules to swim ‘hair out’.  He then offered to rent me a shirt and shorts which I thought was an odd thing to offer as I was obviously going swimming.  I declined and went to the change rooms.

Being Japan, I naturally had to change out in the open but luckily I’m a master at getting into bathers using just a towel for modesty thanks to being the fat girl at swimming for PE in high school.  I walked through the shower area and noticed with a huge sigh of relief, that the showers were in cubicles (western style) and then continued out to the pool.

Nobody was wearing bathers like mine that would be the type you wear to the beach.  I was wearing a lovely tankini specially designed for easy toilet use but at the same time, flattering for the fuller figure.  Everyone else was wearing much more modest and tight-fitting swimming apparel.  They looked a lot more professional than me.

I did a few laps of over arm and then rolled on my back to do some backstroke.  Half way up the lane, my boob popped out of my tankini and I realised I was going to have to get a new suit!

With this in mind and wanting to save money on swimming cap rentals, I went to Sports Authority to check out their bathers collection.  Having a look at their selection, I realised why the man at the front desk had offered me a shirt and shorts.  He was referring to the types of bathers for lap swimming here.  There was very little on offer in the one-piece speedo that I was expecting.  Instead I got a two piece shorts and shirt made from bathers material in the largest size they had.  It is probably the most unflattering pair of bathers I’ve ever owned but what the hell.  Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll look less like the Michelan man and I’ll fit more comfortably into my LLL size suit!

They don't look that much better without my body in them!

They don’t look that much better without my body in them!

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