Going Commando at the Hot Stone Spa

I’m a fully paid up member of the gym since the 1st September and I’ve been going at least three times a week.  The challenge now is to keep this up and get my money’s worth from all the facilities.  This includes using the hot stone spa.

Apparently, undies are also a part of the jinbei outfit.

Yesterday, @mscofino decided to try it out for the first time after our weekly long run.  Unlike the onsen facilities at the gym, the hot stone spa has a real advantage for us, which is that people keep their clothes on.  Even after two years in Japan, I’m still not comfortable getting naked with people I know.  I have improved however, as I can shower and change at the gym with people I don’t know.

I didn’t know what was appropriate to wear so I hired the Japanese pyjama-like jinbei and a towel to use for ¥250 as advised by one of the gym personnel.  I’ve never worn jinbei before and it did take me a little while to work out how to tie the straps whilst I changed out of my sweaty running clothes in the toilet.   Then there was the other question – undies or no undies?  The pants did resemble the type I was given to use during my colonoscopy minus one small feature, so I decided to go with no undies.  I later inquired about the appropriate use of jinbei and this turned out to be the incorrect choice.

The hot stone spa itself is indeed hot.  You can book it for up to 90 minutes but we had decided to just try it out for 30 on our first go.  Ten minutes in and I was worried that my brain was starting to cook.  I have no idea how people use if for such a long time even though they are going in and out during the 90 minutes to cool off every so often.  It was great though and we both came out feeling relaxed and about a kilo lighter.  This looks like becoming a regular Sunday thing!

Photo credit: cc licensed image shared by Phokin

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