The Colour Green and TV Timesuckage

Day fourteen – Limerick

Ireland is really green. I thought England was green but it is not in the same class of greenness that Ireland is. The intensity of the green is different. It is just really, really green here.

Today I visited Brú na Bóinne and a Neolithic mound at Knowth. If you don’t believe me about the green, check out my photos from today. 


Now that’s green!


Newgrange in the distance (the not so green thing).


Even my hoodie isn’t green enough!

More green bits.


I’m spending the night in Limerick.  When I entered my room and noticed there was no TV, I was actually a bit relieved. TV in English is a huge time suck. I had all kinds of plans of getting my masters assignment written this week and next but so far I haven’t worked on it since Seasalter.

I didn’t calculate how much time I would be spending sightseeing here. By the time I get back to where I’m staying, I’m knackered, turn on the TV and start mindlessly channel surfing until after midnight!  There is a lot of reality TV on in the UK and I’ve been watching Come Dine With Me, A Place in the Sun, Grand Designs and Location, Location, Location for a bit of Aussie. There is also great comedies like 8 Out of 10 Cats.  Then there is the movies.

I can stream anything I want to watch at home in Japan but there is something about a remote and a thousand channels on simultaneously that is far more appealing than getting off the couch at the end of each episode of Modern Family to start the next one.  But tonight I have nothing but my computer and (not Japanese speed) internet. After I’ve finished tonight’s blog post, dinner and some wine in the hotel bar, had a shower, organised my route for tomorrow and checked my FB, I’ll be able to really knuckle down on that paper!

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